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This software of Ayurved Disease Information – ‘Ayurved Disease Profile’ is developed for the student of Ayurved, teachers of Ayurved, research workers of Ayurved, pharmaceuticals of Ayurved and for the lovers of Ayurved. This software is also useful to the practitioners of Ayurved.

This Ayurveda Diagnosis & Ayurvedic Treatment software is developed on the basis of index of diseases according to Madhavnidan. The complete information’s of 85 diseases is included in this software. Madhavnidan is the text book of diagnosis of Ayurved.


This software contains ………..

  • Classification of diseases – Bhed
  • Etiology of the diseases – Hetu
  • Pathogenesis of diseases – Samprapti
  • Prodromal symptoms of diseases – Purvaroop
  • Common symptoms of disease – Samanya roop
  • Signs and Symptoms of diseases – Roop
  • Complications of diseases – Upadrav
  • Treatment Herbal – Chikitsa
  • Treatment Herbo mineral – Ayurvediya yog (compound) chikitsa
  • Dietetics – Pathyapathya ……

According to Madhavnidan and all the above information’s – data is similarly compared with Astanghruday, Charaksanhita, Sushrutsanhita and Bhavpraksh. These are classics of Ayurved.

Finally above all information’s - data is compared with modern medical science. Possible comparison of modern medical science is provided in this software.

Herbal treatment is taken from Astanghruday, Charaksanhita, Sushrutsanhita and Bhavpraksh. Herbo mineral treatment is taken from various book of Rasshastra. Sanskrit name of drugs are given and similarly English and Latin name of drugs are given in the table.
Pictures of various herbs are also included in the Ayurveda Diagnosis & Ayurvedic Treatment software. Which displays on the screen by double click on the name of herb from the table of treatment of any disease. Short details of drugs are given in the pictures which are displays in treatment table.

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